As we creep into the first days of spring (and into a new world of social distancing and isolation), we’d like to share the looks that have inspired us this month.  No one can deny that this has been a surreal month; and, for now, we only can focus on today.  As creative director Wes Gordon said, “it’s impossible for any of us to say what our lives will be like in one week. One month. One year. For now, focus on the today. Focus on being kind. Try to do more good than harm. Help others. Be safe. And keep moving forward.”

So today we move forward in celebrating those who inspired us with their style this month, whether it was Eiza Gonzalez in the Pre-Fall one-shoulder cocktail dress or Hallie Swanson of Hallie Daily wearing a Herrera gown before she had her social-distancing backyard workout routine.  Entrepreneur Babba gave a home closet dance that rivaled that of Cher Horowitz, making our Resort 2020 yellow floral print dress look hip enough for Twiggy.  Meanwhile, in Quest Magazine, beauty entrepreneur Danielle Lauder wore the same Resort 2020 floral print dress while out in New York.

So with social distancing in mind, focus on the present, focus on being kind, and, when the moment is right and you need an extra boost, there’s always a bit of Carolina Herrera in your closet to give you a bit of joy.



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{Truth & Reality} Day 2 ? Borrowed this @carolinaherrera for a wine and fashion trip a couple weeks ago, but as many things have been cancelled, our trip got cancelled, too. At the same time, I hope you don’t mind if I show you the beauty of this dress, and slide over to see today’s reality of “social distancing” life: dancing in my private outdoorhideaway with @manumoves . before the rain and with the rain ☔️ on! (keep sliding over!) Manu’s class is always packed in our gym, and his moves are always easy to follow and fun! I get the left or right turn wrong all the time when watching the phone, but I was happy, sweated, and laughed, along with 2 of my puppies. Keep a great attitude and never forget to smile, that’s what matters now, right? ?

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Playing dress up in my closet ?? A series of “Closet Chats” coming soon on my YouTube channel.

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