Motivation and banana bread: Wes Gordon and Karlie Kloss have breakfast

Motivation and inspiration were the words of the day when creative director Wes Gordon joined Good Girl ambassador Karlie Kloss for the inaugural session of Breakfast with Wes on Instagram Live. Over iced coffee and oatmeal, Wes and Karlie discussed what they’ve been up to since isolating in home due to Covid-19. Here are a few things we learned during their chat:

When it comes to caffeine, Karlie only drinks iced coffee with almond milk.

In the middle of creating his next collection, Wes and the Carolina Herrera design team have two Zoom calls a day. Adjusting to the new work from home schedule, Wes and the team sketch in the morning and review concepts in the afternoon.

Karlie currently is in the middle of a hack-a-thon with the teenage scholars of Kode with Klossy, who is hosting virtual coding camps throughout the pandemic. And good news, aspiring coders: you can apply for virtual summer camp right now at kodewithklossy.com.


With Good Girl at the ready, Karlie revealed that she prefers to lightly mist her fragrance on the wrists and on her neck. The face of Good Girl since 2016, Karlie and Wes reminisced about being on set for the Good Girl Fantastic Pink campaign that launched in mid-April. “Good Girl is all about the strong, empowered woman, and I love to embody her,” Karlie mused.

Their favorite cookies come from Levain bakery.  Karlie recommends the peanut butter chocolate chip.

Hoisting up his black and white cockapoo, Bird (a regular showroom fixture in the days leading up to our runway shows), Wes revealed that he’s been keeping sane by holding on to light moments, including spending time with his beloved pup of almost ten years. Wes holds fast to the little moments that remind him of life as usual, whether it’s a tv show, calling a friend, or a cuddle with Bird. Karlie’s keeping sane by focusing on wellness and self-love: daily meditation, in addition to her daily dance classes, keeps Karlie’s spirits up.

Discover more and watch the full video below: