Dance All Day: Carolina Herrera’s DJ Session with The Martinez Brothers

Music, dancing and movement: three of the best things anytime and especially on the brink of Spring. We took this to the next level with a live DJ session from The Martinez Brothers, global leaders with a unique understanding for underground house and techno music, and a favorite of ours from New York. The duo notoriously exudes an endless energy that unites everyone around them inspires our own 212 scents. If anyone can make you dance like you mean it The Martinez Brothers will, and it’s just what they’re here to do.

On April 17th, they took over our Instagram Stories and Facebook for an unforgettable live session!

Dance into Spring, dance with spirit, and feel the music all around you while at home. Do you love The Martinez Brothers but couldn’t tune in on the 17th? Not to worry. They’ve put together a playlist for you to dance and move whenever you like, including their exclusive new track. Check it out here:




As The Martinez Brothers bring new tracks and high energy to your living room, they’re also bringing funding to those working on the frontlines in New York City during a time of crisis. In partnership with the Community Solidarity Fund, The Martinez brothers have set up a Go Fund Me to bring necessary resources to those who need them most. If you’re interested and able to support the cause, you can do so here.

In the meantime feel the music and keep your energy high while dancing the day and night away.