Friend of the House Babba Canales Rivera Discusses Female Entrepreneurs and more

Over thirty-five years ago, the House of Herrera was created by Mrs. Herrera at the encouragement of then-Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.  Since then, the House continues to celebrate female entrepreneurs who make their mark in the world.  This week, we cast the spotlight upon marketing guru Babba Canales Rivera who founded her own company a little over a year ago.

On creating her own business:
It’s two-fold.  In one aspect, I saw a huge gap in the market for a next-gen agency model, tailored for today’s blooming direct-to-consumer brands and fast-paced startup environments.  On a more personal level, I felt a growing desire to build a company culture that I believe in, and I hope this culture will attract the modern generation of employees.  bybabba is a brand marketing agency, assisting modern brands in defining and activating their ethos through social media, influencer marketing, experiential marketing, PR, campaigns, and community building.  We started our business on May 15, 2017 – meaning we just celebrated our first year in business!

On mentorships:
I definitely would not have been able to take this journey without the immense support from the network that I have around me.  My husband has played a major role in my entire career.  I met him when I was just kicking off my career, and he has been my biggest cheerleader.  He has helped me realize my worth, empowered me to ask and aim for more, and given me the strength to quit jobs that didn’t make me happy.  He is an entrepreneur himself and it’s been so valuable having him as my go-to.  I also find a lot of inspiration and support from my girlfriends.  Most of my friends are fellow business women, which has been a blessing whenever there has been a downfall and a need to talk to who truly knows how it feels.

On women who inspire:
I find inspiration everywhere!  My mom inspires me, particularly her courage to leave her identity behind to start a new life in Sweden so she could provide a better future for her children.  #teambybabba inspires me, as a group who is constantly  redefining what marketing really means in today’s day and age, and who keeps me grounded and motivated.  I also find inspiration watching other female entrepreneurs around me.  Aurora James is a great example of someone who inspires on that front, combining doing good with fashion and business.

Proudest work accomplishment:
The first year of business for bybabba.  The agency began with an idea and a laptop, and it has been so fulfilling watching it flourish into the group of innovators that it is today.  I am so grateful for our clients and our network who put their trust and support into the agency, allowing it to become what it is today.

On a typical work day:
My days never are the same, but almost always consist of a morning workout and some quality time with my Boston terrier, Blue.  With that, the rest of my day consists of back-to-back meetings with clients, prospective clients, and creatives.  Most days I am based out of Spring Place, unless I’m running uptown or to Brooklyn for out-of-office meetings.  The evening usually involves an event, or dinner with my husband and friends.

On her favorite look from the shoot:
The wide-legged jeans, paired alongside the white knit top!  That’s a perfect representation of an office look for me.  However, I must say that my inner princess dream did LOVE the pink tulle dress, I would totally wear that to a gala.

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