CH Eau de Parfum Sublime

Inspired by the “allure” of her ideal of a sophisticated and sensual woman, Carolina has created CH Eau de Parfum Sublime, identifying the ingredients whose aroma best represents the feminine traits which make a woman irresistible.

The essence of the CH Eau de Parfum Sublime woman is based on a combination of sensuality and spontaneity. She is fun, cheerful and charming, charismatic but with a hint of mystery which makes here even more special, intriguing and irresistible. A sophisticated, feminine, sensual, passionate woman with sense of humour.

The bottle is inspired by the intense relationship between a woman and her most treasured possessions. A woman’s bag is so much more than just an accessory: it’s an expression of who she is and the place where she keeps her most intimate things. Inside her bag she carries her emotions.


Bergamote, Passion Flower


Rose, Orchid


Patchouli and Leather