Bronze Tonka

With warm and sweet accents, Bronze Tonka captures the beauty of harmony and elegance derived from classical Arabian alchemy in an Eastern scent bursting with character. Classical in spirit, with a thoroughly modern execution, the scent is a blazing energy of exceptional raw materials.

For : Unisex
When : Day & Night
Type : Exotic & Opulent


Inspired by a land where beauty is tangible starting from the promise of dawn, Bronze Tonka exudes an eminently Eastern character, both wild and noble, challenged by an unexpected combination of rare accords. Layered over the Pure Oil of Royal Honey, it hints the sweetness of a refined adventure, recalling grounds of sand and burning horizons.


Carolina Herrera de Baez develops together with Perfumer Philippine Courtière a modern interpretation of Arab exoticism focusing on one key ingredient – Tonka Bean. Full of temperament, this impetuous Tonka Bean is sharpened with spicy sparks, quietly supported by other ingredients. Its gourmand top notes are framed by a resinous glow that intensifies as the fragrance develops. The captivating darkness of a wood duet of Oud and Cypriol clashes with dark and invigorating roasted Coffee to form the base.

Top Notes
Coffee, Oud & Cypriol
Middle Notes
Tonka Bean
Bottom Notes
Saffron & Sandalwood
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