This fragrance was created as a tribute to the world of photography, a black and white world in which Carolina Herrera has been immortalized by the most prestigious photographers; and the world of writing, a place where imagination has no limits.

The CHIC for Men man is very special. We could classify him as a Bourgeois Bohemian, a BoBo. His creative spirit, the way he sees life, his work, the elements he surrounds himself with, all endow him with the gift of standing out from the crowd without the slightest pretension. The way he values details and knows how to appreciate the value of things at the right time are what characterize him: a good wine, his inseparable camera full of memorable and unrepeatable shots, his passion for vintage cars, the smooth penmanship of an old fountain pen.

CHIC for Men is like an aura. Musically, it is sotto voce, utterly present even though its presence may not be obvious as the top note of the fragrance is composed by bergamot and fresh watermelon accord.


Watery freshness (Bergamot and Fresh watermelon)


Spicy warm (Suede and Sri Lankan Cinnamon)


Sensual woody oriental (Virginia cedarwood and Tonka bean)