212 Sexy Men

The 212 SEXY man has an intense character that draws you in. Complex and mysterious, as he contemplates the dramatic New York skyline at dusk, his intricate nature makes it impossible to guess what he’s thinking.

For : Him
When : Night
Type : Magnetic, Fresh & Seductive
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The art of contemporary seduction

Sensual, seductive and enigmatic, he is the personification of the cosmopolitan city. His confident, relatable style reflects the warm, sensual atmosphere of a night out in Manhattan. When he enters the room, an air of mystery follows, turning heads as he passes by.

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Energetic Freshness and Magnetism

Masculine and sexy, this magnetic fragrance opens with the energy and freshness of mandarin and bergamot. The warm masculinity reveals itself within the oriental character of the base notes with amber and woods mixed with vanilla.

Top Notes
Citric fresh: Bergamot, mandarin, ginger
Middle Notes
Spicy sensuality: Green pepper, oral petal, cardamom)
Bottom Notes
Woody oriental: Sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, musk, gaiac wood, amber
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Relentless Energy
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An Intelligently Urban modern scent