212 NYC Men

Reflective of the urban dynamism of Manhattan, 212 MEN captures the personality of the city that never sleeps in a complex yet classic, modern fragrance.

For : Him
When : Day
Type : Fresh, Sensual & Masculine
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Modern in fragrance and design

Eclectic mix of street and book smart 212 MEN represents a new generation of urban dweller; a man with his eye on the future but respect for the past. The sleek metallic cylindrical design of the bottle mimics the architectural design of the city, with a technological reference captured by the tactile magnetic closure.

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Where elegance meets innovation

212 MEN contrasts the energetic green freshness with the sensual warmth of the spices in the peppery heart of the scent. The warm personalities of sandalwood and gaiac wood accentuate its masculine base.

Fresh green
Citrus leaves, cut grass, spice leaves
Spicy oral
Green pepper, ginger, gardenia petals
Woody musk
Sandalwood, gaiac wood, incense, white musk

A classically modern outlook

A young man with an old soul, he’d rather shape the world than be carried along by it. His modern opinions are based on traditional values and while he notices a woman’s physique, it’s her mind he’s attracted to.

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