Glenn Close radiates at the Oscars in a bespoke hand-embroidered Carolina Herrera gown.

Hand beaded in India and hand-sewn in the Atelier by 40 artisans, using 3 million custom glass bugle beads applied to silk organza, the 50-pound gown with its built-in cape marks the most intricate piece the House has ever created.  The embroidery work required each tiny bugle bead to be individually stitched, in Aari (or tambour) technique, to achieve the smooth, continuous flow over gown seams desired. The resulting panels were then hand-carried on two separate flights to the Atelier in New York.

Glenn’s affinity for suits and structured pieces led the design process, with the vision to translate similar qualities of strength into a gown. She loved the idea of attending the Oscars dressed in “Oscars gold”, as did her dog Pip who playfully scampered around during fittings.

Naturally, Glenn is the embodiment of Creative Director Wes Gordon’s Herrera woman. Her strength, intelligence and ability to fill the room with laughter bring a magnetic warmth to her commanding presence.  It was an honor to dress her on such a momentous night.