Don't miss anything from the 212 VIP WORLD TOUR


Moscow, seen by GERARD ESTADELLA!

Gerard, from, is key to our 212 VIP World Tour episodes. In addition to DJIng, he is also a professional photographer and captured perfectly the …

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we are shooting in Moscow

Shooting in Moscow!

The first stop for our 212VIP Party Team has arrived. We are shooting in Moscow! If you want to discover the best places droll down because …

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Discovering Coco Young

Last but not least, here you have our third member of our 212VIP Party Team: Coco Young.  Model, muse, photographer and self-publisher. With so much …

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The new 212 VIP Webshow is here!

After two successful seasons of 212VIP Webshow we are pleased to announce the 3rd season is here! Our 212VIP Party Team will be travelling around the …

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